Symptoms For Heart Attack in Female’s

Know the 5 major symptoms of heart attack in women ...

Today the risk of heart disease is increasing rapidly around the world. Generally people believe that men are more prone to heart attacks than women, but this notion is absolutely wrong. Apart from this, many people also believe that men have a heart attack after 40 years and women after 45 years of age, while the truth is that there is no age to have a heart attack. A heart attack can happen to anyone at any time, whether he is 25 or 45. Although a major symptom of a heart attack is chest pain, but according to a recent research report by the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center in America, there are many such symptoms of heart attack that are seen only in women. Let us know what are those symptoms…

In addition to body composition, hormones, differences are also found in men and women, which is why there is a difference in the symptoms, intensity etc. of any disease between the two. Know these 5 symptoms of heart attack in women –

1 Fatigue – If you are feeling tired, not feeling like doing any work and feeling nervous despite taking long rest, then do not delay in contacting the doctor.

2 Chest pain- Feeling of pain in the chest with severe discomfort and feeling of heaviness or pressure on the chest can also be a sign of heart problem or heart attack.

3 Sweating – These symptoms include severe pain in the abdomen or rapid sweating. Especially when you are experiencing cold sweats, then definitely see a doctor.

4 Breath- In this condition there is a lot of difficulty in breathing. If you ever feel that you are unable to breathe easily, contact your doctor.

5 Pain- Feeling of stretch along with back pain, pain in hands and jaws is also a symptom of heart problem. You need to be cautious about this.

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