How To Get Rid of The Problem of Stomach Gas

Health Tips: These wonderful home remedies will eliminate stomach gas from the root, will also make the digestive system strong

Nowadays food and drink have become such that diseases like gas formation in the stomach, acidity have become common. Which has a very bad effect on our digestive system. For this, these home remedies can be useful for you.

Health Tips: Due to the busy life of today, everyone has started having gas problem. Nowadays food and drink have become such that diseases like gas formation in the stomach, acidity have become common. Our food and drink also play an important role behind the problem of gas. And especially in winter, we keep on eating different types of fried fried things which cause severe pain in the stomach, chest or sometimes even in the head in the form of acidity. This gas in the stomach causes chest pain and it also climbs on the head. At that time it just seems that the pain should be relieved as soon as possible.

Gas starts forming in our body when we eat more sour, spicy, spicy food, stay awake till late night, drink less water, anger, worry, sit in one place for a long time, apart from this some pulses and vegetables. There are also those that make gas. Drinking too much tea also produces gas. This causes pain in the stomach, back, chest, head, loss of appetite, belching, burning sensation in the chest and stomach, dizziness, problems like this occur. For this, these home remedies can be useful for you. When someone has acidity, there is not only pain in the stomach, but it also harms our stomach in many ways. It has a very bad effect on our digestive system. Apart from this, due to not eating according to the season and not exercising, this problem also increases. There are many home remedies to get rid of the gas formed in the stomach, you should also know about them-

These are many ways to get rid of gas-

Cumin: Eat roasted cumin with cold water, it will give you relief in gas.

Ginger: If you have to face this problem continuously, then drink a little ginger juice mixed with the same amount of honey two to three times daily. This will help in reducing your stomach gas and the partner will also strengthen your digestive system.

Baking Soda: If you are suffering from the problem of gas, then you should drink lemon juice mixed with one spoon of baking soda every day on an empty stomach. As soon as you drink it, you will get rid of the problem of gas in a moment.

Garlic: If the gas is bothering you, then chew a clove of garlic with four raisins and swallow it. Take out the seeds of dry grapes and use them. The gas will be able to come out of your stomach immediately.

Black pepper: Black pepper also removes the problem of gas. Consuming black pepper not only gives relief in gas problem, but it also keeps digestion right. If there is gas in the stomach, you can drink milk mixed with black pepper.

Ajwain: Chew two grams of carom seeds with half a gram of salt and eat it. If there is stomach pain due to gas, then that too will be cured by this.

Consumption of Cinnamon: Consumption of cinnamon also removes the problem of gas. In the problem of gas, boil cinnamon in water and then cool it. Drink cinnamon water every morning on an empty stomach. If you do not like the taste of it, then you can also add honey to it.

Asafoetida Powder: While asafetida enhances the taste of food, asafoetida is also very beneficial in the problem of gas. Mix asafetida in a glass of warm water and drink it. This will solve your gas problem. Drink two to three asafetida waters a day.

Orange juice and black salt: Sometimes when gas is formed in your stomach, then things like jaggery-jaggery start happening due to gas in the stomach. So to calm it down, drink a cup of orange juice mixed with a little roasted cumin and rock salt. This will give you instant relief.

Harad: Keep sucking after putting 2 – 3 small myrobalan in the mouth every day, it will be beneficial.

Vegetable of linseed leaves: When there is gas, you can eat a vegetable made of linseed leaves. With this, apart from removing your gas problem, your digestive system will also be strong.

Lemon juice and ginger: Take one teaspoon each of lemon juice and ginger, then add a little black salt to it and eat it after eating, it improves digestion power and the problem of gas also goes away.

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