Hosting in Website – What is Web Hosting

Hosting is required to host a website and if you do not know what is web hosting (What is Web Hosting in Hindi)? And what are its types, then stay connected with this post because in this we are going to give you complete information.

Today blogging has become very popular and every day new youth are joining the world of blogging.

New youth want to make their name and career by becoming a blogger and that is why they want to set up their blog.

But due to being beginners, they do not know properly which web hosting is the best, on which they can set up their blog and move forward.

That is why in today’s post we will tell you what is this web hosting?

You need to know which are the Best Hosting in Hindi 2021 because if you do not choose the right service, then there may be trouble in running the website later.

Introduction to web hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows any organization or any person to post their website or web page on the Internet.

A web host or web hosting service provider is a business that provides the technical and services required for a website or web page to be displayed on the Internet.

Every thing in the world needs a place, you must have understood this very well. Whether they come in our sight or not. We cannot see the air but it is everywhere.

Similarly, the website we make needs a place to come in the internet. Where the website is kept secure in the Internet, it is called web hosting. Let us take an example to understand about this.

Nowadays all of us have a smartphone and the smartphone contains songs, videos, images i.e. photos, documents, and other types of files. Which we keep by saving it in the SD card or the memory of the smartphone.

Just like when we open any website website. So in the website also we get to see all kinds of contents like photos, videos, songs, documents, texts etc.

Have you ever thought that whenever the page of the website opens, where do all these photos and text come from? So guys, the location in which all these contents are stored online.

We call the same location web hosting. The domain simply has a name by which it is recognized globally. But web hosting is both the body and life of the website.

All the people related to blogging call it web hosting in technical language.

The physical system used to do this is called a web server. Servers are connected to the Internet at all times, only then we are able to open the website 24*7 whenever we want and see its contents.

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