Top 10 Watery Eyes Cause and Treatment

Watery Eyes Cause: Watery eyes keep coming in your eyes? Know – its 10 reasons and prevention

Most of the people have the problem of watery eyes. Sometimes, even to take out the dust and dust in the eyes, water automatically comes in the eyes. Watery eyes also start coming due to smoke, chemical of onion, but sometimes watery eyes can also be associated with some eye disease. Let’s know about them.

Dryness of eyes- This problem also starts due to dryness of eyes. This happens because your body does not have the right balance of water, oil and mucus. Due to this the eyes become dry and more tears start coming in the eyes.

Pink Eyes (Conjunctivitis)- Infections, bacteria or viruses can cause eye infections. This is the most common reason for watery eyes in children and adults. In this, one or both eyes may become pink or red, due to which there may be a problem of itching and burning in the eyes. These viral infections can be cured with antibiotic eye drops.

Allergy – Cough, runny nose as well as watery eyes are symptoms of allergy. In this situation, taking allergy medicine gives relief. The eyes also get watery due to cold, but in this condition there is no itching in the eyes.

Eyelid problem- The eyelids act like the wipers of the eyes. They shed the excess moisture by spreading the tears. But sometimes the eyelashes are not able to do their job properly. Somebody’s eyelids turn inward, this condition is called ectropion. In this, the eyelids are not able to wipe the eyes completely and tears keep forming in the eyes. This problem is permanently cured by surgery.

Scratches in the cornea – Dust, bumps or dirt sometimes cause scratches in the eyeballs. In such a situation, there is a feeling of injury in the eyes, they become red and are unable to function properly in light. Water keeps coming in such eyes continuously. Although it gets better on its own in a day or two, it would be better to keep in touch with the doctor to avoid a serious condition.

Watery eyes keep coming from the eyes even when there is twitching in the eyes, but apart from this, there is swelling in the eyes and they become red. The eye bacteria go away in a few days due to which the bilney takes time to recover. Cleaning the eyes with lukewarm water provides relief in pain and the problem of watery comes away.

Inflammation of the eyelids – Inflammation of the eyelids is also called blepharitis. In this problem, there is water in the eyes all the time, there is itching and mud also starts coming in the eyes. It is usually caused due to allergies and infection and it gets cured when treated.

Problems with the oil glands – There are small glands on the sides of the eyelids called Meibomian glands. They make oil in the eyes, which keeps the eyes healthy. These prevent the eyes from drying out. But if these oil glands are blocked, then there is not enough oil in the eyes, due to which the eyes itch and water starts falling. To cure it, soaking with hot water will be beneficial.