Become SDM after passing one year exam, read his good values

If we work hard we can reach our goals at any age. Today I will tell you that a woman officer has passed the examination at the age of 51 and has been appointed to the post of SDM. So let’s get to the point

I often feel that they are a certain age away from studying or working in government. But today we will introduce you to a female officer who became SDM after retirement. Yes, we are talking about Jalore in Rajasthan. Bajura sub-divisional officer Garima Sharma, 51, became the officer.

Perhaps it was not so easy, because in retirement he would have to go through the toughest test of getting elected and becoming a government servant. Now you must be wondering which government examination is conducted at retirement age? So let me tell you, we gave the RAS exam which is considered to be the toughest in the state.

Actually, only candidates up to the age of 40 years can take this exam. But a widow is not like that. People up to 59 years and 364 days of age can also become RAS. But there are very few candidates who have the potential to become something even at this age.

RAS-2023 is currently inviting applications for 905 posts. At this age, many people hesitate to try it thinking about their preferences. In such a situation, the story of SDM Garima Sharma is interesting.

Ras decided to carry out her husband’s plan

This was not an easy situation for him. She said, “My husband Sandeep Kumar Sharma is no more at the moment, but he always stood by me.” He struggled with the disease for two years in 2013 and 2014 and I decided to donate my liver to him.

Then, in the hospital, the procedure was completed, but time was on the other side. This time a mountain of sorrow fell upon me and my daughter. I have taught in many renowned schools of Jaipur. My husband offered me a government job, but I never took it seriously. At the last moment, my husband explained to me a lot and said that I can become a government employee.

He himself served as a central officer and it was from here that he realized the importance of government service. Sandeep passed away in 2014 and after his death I decided to fulfill his dreams and I thought I will not stop until I become an RAS officer.

He made 3 attempts at the competition and failed 3 attempts.

I have been preparing for RAS since 2015. I gave 3 competitive exams in 2016 and passed all of them. School Lecturer, University Lecturer and RAS-2016. Then I became Tehsildar. But I had to reach the top position. That’s why I didn’t like living here. Then I started getting ready again.

I took the RAS exam in 2018 taking advantage of the widow category as it has complete age relaxation. The candidate must not have attained the age of sixty years before appointment to this category. I hacked RAS in 2021.

I was about 51 years old at that time. Actually, it was the inspiration from my husband that forced me to come here. I

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