Foot Pain Causes and Treatment

Although it is common to have pain in the feet, but if this pain lasts for a long time, then it is a matter of concern. Pain in the feet has become a common problem today. Earlier the main reason for pain in legs was increasing age, but now this pain is visible in young people and children also. Although there can be many reasons for pain in the feet, but there are some reasons that you should be aware of and if you see the symptoms, then identify them and show them to a doctor immediately.

what are the reasons

Although there can be many reasons for pain in the feet, but if the pain is severe or prolonged, then some of its main reasons are –

• hamstring strain

Sometimes, while exercising, running, climbing stairs or doing any work, there is a strain in the muscles and if this stretch is not corrected quickly, then it becomes a life-long pain. Therefore, if you feel a strain in the muscles, then consult a doctor immediately.

• Tissue weakness

If there is any kind of weight or weight on any tissue from the knees to the lower part of the foot, then there is a possibility of weakening of the tissue and then swelling starts in the feet which gradually causes pain in the feet. .

• Choose the Right Shoes-Sandals

You will be surprised to know that in a survey conducted by the Research Agency of America, it has come out that one of the main reasons of foot pain today is not choosing the right way of shoes and sandals. People wear such shoes and sandals in the pursuit of fashion which are not comfortable and the heel of sandals in women is so different that they have difficulty in walking by wearing them and this problem later becomes the cause of pain in the feet, Because there is a risk of forming lumps in the soles and bones of the feet.

• Arthritis

Arthritis is a problem of old age and aging, but now this problem is being seen in young people also. If there is a constant feeling of stiffness in the feet, then it can be severe arthritis and can give rise to arthritis after some time.

• Verrucas

If small lumps start to form in the soles of the feet, then it is called verrucas. Due to this problem, there is a problem in the feet while standing and walking.

• edema

When there is heaviness in the legs along with swelling and pain is experienced, then this pain is called edema.

• Keep weight under control

The more the weight, the greater the possibility of pain in the feet, because the entire weight of the body comes on the feet. So keep in mind, keep the weight under control and do not let it increase.

What are the symptoms?

Recognizing foot pain is very important and for this you should identify its symptoms –

  • Sudden pain is felt in the legs, which then increases.
  • Pain caused by any kind of injury.
  • Feeling of lump in the lower part of the foot.
  • Feeling of swelling or heaviness in the leg.
  • Pain caused by muscle strain.
  • What are defenses?
  • It is better to maintain and prevent feet than to treat foot pain, so it is better if some things are taken care of in advance.
  •  Remember to always wear padded thick-soled shoes, slippers or sandals on the feet.
  • Women have to take special care that do not wear sandals of high heels.
  • Keep the weight under control. Remember, the more the weight, the more likely there will be pain in the feet.
  • If you are doing exercise or some weight lifting, then first do a little warm-up or stretching.
  • Where there is cleanliness, there is health, so take special care of foot hygiene.

What is the treatment?

There are many ways to treat foot pain. But it should be our effort that instead of doing external treatment for pain in the feet, if some such methods are adopted, then it is better than the treatment –

  • If the pain in the foot is due to any internal injury, then compress that affected area with ice in the initial days.
  • If the injury has been more than 4-5 days and the pain remains, then compress it with warm water.
  • Use a foot pad to protect the painful part of the foot from any kind of injury.
  • The foot which is in pain, try to keep the pressure low on it and do not read any kind of pressure.
  • Take bed rest as much as possible and give rest to the feet.
  • Do not take any painkiller at will.
  • You can drink turmeric by adding milk, it is a safe and tried method.

There are other treatment options

As long as the leg pain is normal, it is much better if it is treated because once the matter becomes serious, then things are not in your hands. Painkillers, periodic diet and then surgery are the only options left. All these methods are neither safe nor effective in the long run. There is no guarantee that the foot pain will go away after trying these options.


Foot pain can be due to many reasons, so we should always be alert. One should always be aware of the activities from food and drink to the day-to-day activities. You have to take special care about your weight and apart from this, try not to let the pain become severe.

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