Ear Pain For child

Ear Pain in a Child – Severe Ear Pain, Use These Home Remedies

Earaches: They tend to get worse because of the earaches, and to get worse as they get worse due to earaches. micro blog

Ear Pain In English: Sudden pain in the ear is a common problem. This problem usually happens to children. In this, the child wakes up at night due to ear pain and starts crying and the parents get upset. Let us know about the causes and treatment of ear pain :-

Cause: Due to prolonged cold and flu, the Eustachian tube coming from the back of the nose to the ear stops working properly, which leads to infection and inflammation, and due to increased fluid pressure in the ear becomes abnormal. In children, this tube is delicate due to being short and straight, so they have more earache. The child wakes up with pain, fever, irritability, diarrhoea, vomiting, hearing loss and heaviness in the ears. Pimples in the ear, swelling of the scum, swelling, pain in the throat, teeth and jaw can also cause earache.

Caution: Ignoring the pain can lead to a hole in the eardrum by increasing the pressure in the ear. Due to neglect, the brain and the mastoid bone behind the ear are affected.

Do not keep confusion: Many times parents see the child’s trouble and put drops of hot oil in his ear, which gives relief for some time but there is a risk of external infection.

Treatment: Pain relievers, antibiotics, antiallergic and anticold medicines are given. Decongestant drops are given to reduce swelling in the Eustachian tube of the nose. Frequently, fluid accumulation behind the eardrum is treated with a ventilation tube (grommet).

take precautions
Avoid dust and smoke. Avoid sour and cold things in the fridge. Give only breast milk to young children. Also, mother should not feed the baby while lying down. Keep the baby’s head slightly elevated while feeding. Do not go to dirty and crowded places. People suffering from the disease should not go swimming and air travel.

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