Healthy Food Quotes

healthy food quotes | slogans on healthy diet

Slogans on Healthy Food in Hindi – To make life happy, it is necessary for the body to be healthy and to keep the body healthy, a healthy diet is needed. Health is the wealth whose value is known when we become ill. Take healthy diet and make body healthy and lead a happy life.

In this post, the best slogans on healthy diet have been given. Do read these slogans and share with friends.

Slogans on Healthy Food | best slogans on healthy diet

Health is the real gold
One who is not healthy has to cry for the rest of his life.

make homemade food healthy,
Take outside food to the hospital.

take home healthy balanced diet,
This will give immense energy to your body.

Make your body strong
Eliminate junk food.

Like the diet
That would be the idea.

Increase intake of fruits, vegetables and grains,
Avoid fast food and make the body healthy.

Eat healthy food at home
Bring fresh vegetables and fruits.

Give first place to food and health
Only then will diseases be diagnosed.

Do yoga for ten minutes a day,
Remove disease and defects.

Healthy Food Slogans

Homemade food like nectar,
It is a boon for health.

One who takes healthy-balanced diet in food,
The basis of his life is strong.

good diet and good behavior,
These are the two bases of progress

don’t eat outside
Take balanced food at home.

Pay attention to cleanliness
Don’t let the food get infected.

benefits of balanced diet
The body gets more energy.

Eat according to the climate
Eat seasonal vegetables.

Sports makes the body fit,
Balanced diet makes the body healthy.

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